The Identity Post is a new blended Learning platform that provides a structured package to support your organization through the phases of learning about and integrating Identity Intelligence into their work life and the organization.

The Identity Post Learning platform, helps learners understand and acquire the societal, organizational strategy, self-awareness, sensitivities and skills to support their organization, teams and stakeholders in a hyper-sensitive identity word. Identity Post Packages are an immersive six month to one year learning experience that includes:

  • Advisory and Consultative Services
  • Live Facilitated Workshops
  • Online Assessments and Tools for Individuals and Teams
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Independent Learning
  • Moderated Online Discussions Groups
  • Continuous Learning Through Gaming and web-based learning applications
  • Polling and research on identity related frameworks.

Elements of the packages are modularized so your organization can also assemble and tailor the components based on your organizational needs.