About Us

The Identity Post is a new interactive learning and laboratory that provides leaders with the mindset and tools to practice advanced Identity Intelligence so they can guide their organizations and communities through identity-based dilemmas, crises, and opportunities, at work and communities.

The Identity Post Identity Intelligence Laboratory includes:

  • Monthly Identity Intelligence Reports about emerging and real-time identity issues
  • News, Information, and Opinions from multiple sources and perspectives
  • Live Facilitated Round-tables, Workshops and Key Notes
  • Advise and Coaching to navigate real-time issues
  • Online Assessments and Tools for Individuals and Teams
  • Online Expert Conversations and Insights from a panel of multi-disciplined experts
  • Special Alerts of related to real-time issues that could affect your organization or community
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Continuous Learning Through Gaming and Mobile Apps
  • Aggregated and Orignal Polling and Research